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We do Far More than just collect your Rent

Priory Estates are an independent, family run business and have been involved in all aspects of Residential Lettings and Property Management for more than 25 years.

Why are Priory Estates Different?

We realise that in the past, property rental was fraught with dangers. Rent controls, Protected Tenancies, difficult tenants, etc made renting property rather unappealing. However, The Housing Act 1998 has made significant changes. Now you can let a property with the assurance that you can regain possession. Reasonable rents are unlikely to be challenged and, if you choose us to find your tenants, the vetting we carry out minimise's the likelihood of a bad tenant.


With all the changes in regulations, there is more red tape than ever to follow. The introduction of Right to Rent Checks, changes to EPC regulations, changes in the use of Section 21 Notices and the introduction of EICR's.  Priory Estates ensure that we meet all the regulations and we have strict procedures in place which are updated to allow for any changes in legislation. We also regularly meet with our solicitors to keep us apprised of upcoming changes and what that means to you.   


When we are invited to carry out a Valuation on your property, we can advise you of your legal requirements if this is appropriate and give our professional advice on the condition of the property and any recommendations that are specific to you.

Want to change your Managing Agent?

Let Priory Estates take the strain

If you are currently managing your own portfolio or are with an agent and you want to move to Priory Estates then please contact our agency.


Subject to sight of the relevant paperwork, we can advise on how to effect the change, and how to give notice.  Once you have instructed Priory Estates, we will handle the rest of the transfer and ensure that we get all the relevant paperwork transferred to our agency.  We will contact your tenants to notify them of the change, arrange for the change of rental payment and ensure that the deposit is transferred to our agency and re registered.  Our next step is to carry out a Property Check, this enables us to introduce Priory Estates to your tenant, familiarises ourselves with the property and we can forward you a report on our findings, together with confirming that it is fully compliant with all legislation.

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