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From time to time there may be cause for you to report a maintenance issue. 

In order for Priory Estates to fully understand the issue we need as much information as possible so that we can react appropriately. 


Before reporting any maintenance, please read and consider the following:


If you can smell gas then call National Grid immediately on 0800 111 999.

Ventilate the property if at all possible

Vacate the property and remain at a safe distance until National Grid has attended.

DO NOT touch any electrical switches, or smoke near the property.

  • I have no Hot Water…
    Do you have any hot water anywhere in the property? Is it just one tap? Which tap is affected? Is there any water coming out of the tap at all? Do you have a gas boiler? Do you have a prepayment gas meter? Have you got credit on your gas meter? Does the gas boiler have any pressure? Have you tried the programmer on constant?
  • I have no Heating…
    Do you have gas central heating? Do you have electric heaters? Do you have storage heaters? Do you have a prepayment meter? Have you got credit on your gas meter and electric meters? Is it just one radiator that is not working? Have you tried the programmer on constant? Is the room thermostat on high? Are the TRV’s (thermostatic Radiator Valves) turned on? Have you tried gently turning the TRV’s in both directions in case they are stuck?
  • My Fence has come down…
    What boundary is it on? From the road, or the rear of the house looking into the back garden, is it the left boundary, the right boundary or the end boundary? Are the panels missing or broken? How many are affected? Are any posts affected?
  • I Have a Water Leak…
    Is it dripping or pouring? Is the leaking affecting any electrical equipment? Have you isolated any electrical equipment by isolating the relevant fuse on the fuse box? Have you put a bowl or similar item or towel under the leak? Have you isolated the leak and turned the water off?
  • Roof
    Have you any roof tiles missing or slipped? Are any of the ridge tiles missing or slipped?
  • My Toilet is not flushing…
    Is the handle loose? Is the cistern not filling up? Is it blocked? Have you removed any blockage?
  • My Kitchen Sink is blocked…
    Have you tried unblocking it? Have you used a proprietary sink unblocker as per directions? Have you removed any hair/soap from the drains?
  • Windows
    Have the sealed units blown? Is the window handle loose? Is the window not sealing shut? Where is the window situated?
  • Suffering from Mould?
    Are you ventilating the property, especially when cooking? Is your extractor in use and working? Do you have vents in the window frame? Are they open?

Thanks! Message sent.

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