Tenant Application Form 

This form requests information about you and your property in order for us to perform our Letting and Management Service efficiently. 


PERSONAL DETAILS Primary Applicant 



Please give full names and dates of birth for ALL other persons (in addition to the above named) who will occupy the property, including children 



We need 3 years address history in total please (Please provide additional details on a separate sheet) 

PERSONAL DETAILS Primary Applicant (continued) 

If “Renting” please provide details of Landlord/Landlord’s agent: 

PERSONAL DETAILS 2nd Applicant (continued) 

CHARACTER REFERENCES (can be a friend, work colleague, doctor, solicitor. NOT A RELATIVE) 

Primary Applicant: Character reference 1 
2nd Applicant: Character reference 1 
Primary Applicant: Character reference 2 
2nd Applicant: Character reference 2 

EMPLOYMENT DETAILS (If self employed please go to section below) Primary Applicant 

We will contact your employer for confirmation of these details. 

EMPLOYMENT DETAILS (If self employed please go to section below) 2nd Applicant 

We will contact your employer for confirmation of these details. 

SELF EMPLOYED (Only complete this section if self employed) 

We will contact your employer for confirmation of these details. 


Primary Applicant only (this person must not reside at the address) 
The above address may be used to forward the deposit to when the tenancy comes to an end) 



Application Procedure: 
A tenancy will be offered to you subject to contract and, more specifically, subject to the following conditions:- 
● A fully completed application form has been submitted together with the holding deposit and Photographic ID. 
● A satisfactory credit search has been carried out by an independent credit referencing agency (details on request). 
● Satisfactory references have been obtained. 
● The landlord has accepted the offer in writing. 
Once a holding deposit has been paid the landlord has 15 days to decide whether or not to grant the tenancy. The landlord or agent does not have to repay the full holding deposit if the tenant withdraws from taking the tenancy, fails right to rent checks or fails to provide accurate information to the landlord to enable the granting of the tenancy. 
If the tenancy is granted the holding deposit will be allocated towards the tenancy deposit, unless you request in writing that this is to be allocated towards the first months rental payment or to be refunded. 
Prior to the start of the tenancy, the first months rent and deposit is requested via bank transfer. 
If in any doubt as to what is included within the let (i.e. furniture, appliances, etc.) you should seek further clarification prior to submitting your application. In most cases, a full photographic inventory will be provided. 
You may be asked to provide a guarantor in some cases. 
*Primary applicant 
Applications by 2 or more parties will be asked to name a Primary Applicant who will then become our first (but not necessarily only) point of contact for matters relating to the tenancy. We also reserve the right to repay the whole deposit to the Primary Applicant at the end of the tenancy. 
Declaration for Credit Check 
The search we do to process this application involves checking details you supply against those held on databases Priory Estates has access to. This includes information from the Electoral Register and fraud prevention agencies. A record is kept of this search. We may use information we get about you and those with whom you are linked financially. This information may be used for debt tracing, the prevention of money laundering and the management of your account. We may pass information to organisations involved in fraud prevention, to protect our customers and ourselves from theft and fraud. If you give us false or inaccurate information and we suspect fraud, we will record this and share this information with other organisations. 
I also understand that in the event of my defaulting on the rental payment, information may be recorded with the Credit Reference Agency, who may supply the information to other credit companies or insurers in the quest for reasonable granting of tenancies, insurance and credit. 
I understand that in the event of any default by me in respect of the covenants in my tenancy agreement with my landlord, the information contained therein may be disclosed to one or more tracing companies and/or debt collection agencies in order to recover monies due or to trace my whereabouts. Information will also be disclosed to relevant utility companies and the like. 
The information provided in this form by me is information as described in Ground 17 of the Housing Act 1996 and I understand that if any information within this application is found to be untrue, it is grounds for termination of the tenancy. I also understand that any default in the payment of rent will affect any future applications for tenancies, credit or insurance. 
I/We agree to the following : 
● I/We confirm that the supplied information is to the best of my/our knowledge and belief, true, and may be verified. 
● I/We give my/our employer, accountant, character referees and current landlord/letting agent permission to disclose any information requested by Priory Estates or an external reference agency instructed by Priory Estates. 
● I/We give consent for Priory Estates to check my/our consent to check my/our credit history and accept a record of this search will be recorded. I/We understand that I/We may request the name and address of the Credit Reference Agency to whom I/We may then apply for a copy of the information provided. 
● NO reason needs to be given if the application is rejected. 
● DATA PROTECTION ACT: Information provided by you on this form may be verified and held by Priory Estates or an external referencing agency in its computer records. Details of our GDPR Policy are available on request or via our website: www.prioryestates.co.uk 
● I/We confirm that the progress of this application may be made available to agents, landlords and co-applicants and any information obtained/compiled by Priory Estates or an external referencing agency may be passed on to Agents and Landlords. 
● I/We understand that should any of the information contained in this application be found to be untrue the application will be declined and I/We may lose all or part of the holding deposit. 
Data Protection 
Please tick here if you do NOT give consent for Priory Estates to hold your data provided on this form ■ 
We cannot proceed with this application if you do not sign. 

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